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    All about knives

    Christmas Sale!

    Christmas Sale!

    Its that time of year again! To bring some holiday cheer to everyone, we are having a Christmas Sale!
    Starting on 12/20 until 12/25, save 15% storewide with coupon code: SANTA
    Happy Holidays!!!!


    Holiday Giveaway Winners!

    Holiday Giveaway Winners!

    As promised, a shout out to the 5 winners of Game of Knives' 2017 Holiday Giveaway: Larry B, Melody M, Majd A, Melissa H, and Christy M. 

    The spoils of war this year include the CSGO knives Karambit Night 2.0, Karambit Marble Splatter, and Night Huntsman; Folding Knives Desert Storm, and Steel; outdoors knife Stonewash Spring Assisted Knife by Master USA.

    Thank you all of our loyal patrons for your support!  Please keep an eye on our upcoming sales soon!

    Join Game of Knives' first Holiday Giveaway!

    Join Game of Knives' first Holiday Giveaway!

    Join our first holiday giveaway now!

    Make any purchase between now and December 17th to automatically enter for a chance to get a free knife from us as Christmas gift! Leave a feedback after your purchase to double your chance of winning!

    Happy holidays to all of you from Game of Knives!

    What are the different types of knives?

    What are the different types of knives?

    If you are reading this, I assume that you are looking at the product line-up here at Game of Knives, and wondering: Why so many different knives? Well, other than different cool ways to kill people as for CS GO knives, different knives actually have different uses, and the types of knives you wish to get usually depends on how you might need them.

    To help differentiate between our products, we have made an useful little cheat sheet to help you understand what each knife type is for.

    1. Clip Point

    These are as in our M9 Bayonet.  Also known as "slanted point", these knives have a blunt portion of the blade above the cutting edge running from mid-point of the blade down to the tip.  The sharp tip of the knife can be straight or curving upwards, and that is to deliver more precision to each cut, while also guaranteeing a longer blade body for larger area cutting. As in CS GO and in real life, these knives are generally large, and favored by the military.

    2. Spear Point

    Also featured in our military catalog, these are used by the M7 Bayonet.  These are the most classic blade points on knives, swords, spears, etc. Their symmetrical edges running across the entire blade on both sides enable the knives to be used simultaneously on two sides.  These are popular because they are able to deliver quick sideways cuts.

    3. Tanto Point

    Named after a type of Japanese knives known as "tanto", these blades typically have a 45 degree angle making up the tip, which enhances the knives' ability to produce a better thrust. As you may observe from our Huntsmans, these blades utilize more metal towards the back end of the tip, and can therefore withstand more pressure than most other blades in a forced thrust.

    4. Drop Point

    A very popular style of point among pocket knives and folding knives, these blades feature a curved back running down towards the tip. Because they have a duller but thicker point than other blades, drop point knives tend to be sturdier, and used as rescue knives and utility knives.

    5. Needle Point

    Now to the fancier types of knives.  The needle point blades are named, obviously, after their skinny needle-shaped blades.  Because of their smaller size, these knives tend to break easily, but are nicely concealed within devices and on body.  Stilettos and switchblades are usually made after this fashion, as are Assassin's Creed wrist blade.

    6. Karambit

    Last but not least, the famous karambits! Popularized recently by CS Go Knives, these blades are traditionally southeast Asian, and feature a sharp tip pointing downwards.  These blades are designed to produce fine lacerations, and are used in hunting as skinning knives.  The modernized versions of the karambits are used in stylized fighting, but not as practical as traditional military knives.

    Look who's back!

    Look who's back!

    Time and again we were bombarded with the question: When will the Fade Balisong be back? or, How long do I have to wait for the Fade Butterfly Knife?  We were again and again disappointed to tell our patrons that we were still waiting on our order to come in, and we did not have a date.  Well, wait no more! Today we finally got the Fade Butterfly back!

    To celebrate the return of the Fade, we will host a party here at Game of Knives tonight! There will be cake, nachos, and free beer...OK, maybe you're not able to share those with us, but there will be a Fade Butterfly Knife on sale for a limited time. :D

    Come grab yours now before this popular product "fade" away!